Package sc.parser

Class SemanticContext

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    public abstract class SemanticContext
    extends java.lang.Object
    The semantic context is a hook used for when the generated parse-tree requires additional contextual information to be work (e.g. HTML with it's stack of tag names). You can subclass this class and manage whatever state you want in the 'accept' methods of a grammar's parselets. You must record the range of where your information is relevant though and deal with the parser's need to go back and forward - which means undoing and redoing the semantic context's fields.
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      abstract java.lang.Object resetToIndex​(int ix)  
      abstract void restoreToIndex​(int ix, java.lang.Object resetReturnValue)  
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      • SemanticContext

        public SemanticContext()
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      • resetToIndex

        public abstract java.lang.Object resetToIndex​(int ix)
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        public abstract void restoreToIndex​(int ix,
                                            java.lang.Object resetReturnValue)