Package sc.parser

Class ParseUtil.HTMLStyleAdapter

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      boolean getNeedsFormattedString()
      For styling in HTML, the styleString method returns the styled string.
      java.lang.CharSequence getResult()  
      void setFormatContext​(FormatContext ctx)  
      void styleEnd​(java.lang.String styleName)  
      void styleStart​(java.lang.String styleName)  
      void styleString​(java.lang.CharSequence codeOut, boolean escape, java.lang.String styleName, java.lang.String styleDesc)
      Adds a style for the text range specified.
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      • HTMLStyleAdapter

        public HTMLStyleAdapter()
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      • getNeedsFormattedString

        public boolean getNeedsFormattedString()
        Description copied from interface: IStyleAdapter
        For styling in HTML, the styleString method returns the styled string. For IDEs, it's api drive so no result string is required.
        Specified by:
        getNeedsFormattedString in interface IStyleAdapter
      • styleStart

        public void styleStart​(java.lang.String styleName)
        Specified by:
        styleStart in interface IStyleAdapter
      • styleEnd

        public void styleEnd​(java.lang.String styleName)
        Specified by:
        styleEnd in interface IStyleAdapter
      • styleString

        public void styleString​(java.lang.CharSequence codeOut,
                                boolean escape,
                                java.lang.String styleName,
                                java.lang.String styleDesc)
        Description copied from interface: IStyleAdapter
        Adds a style for the text range specified. If needsFormattedString is true, the result is used to accumulate the result string.
        Specified by:
        styleString in interface IStyleAdapter
      • getResult

        public java.lang.CharSequence getResult()