Package sc.obj

Annotation Type Component

  • @Target(TYPE)
    public @interface Component
    This annotation is set on classes or objects in StrataCode when it's possible for their children or properties to have cyclic references. For example, if you have two objects which have properties which refer to each other. When you set @Component on an instance, it will do a few things to the Java code of that instance or any instance which extends that type. First, it takes code out of the constructors for this type and places it into a preInit method. Any non-trivial constant property initializers are also moved into this method right before the constructor code. Before the preInit method is called, the object's reference variable is set so any references to this object can be resolved. Components also have init and start methods. You are guaranteed that all child objects and dependent types are created and preInited when the init method is called. You are guaranteed that all dependent objects have been init'd before your start method is called.
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