Interface IDefinition

    • Method Detail

      • getAnnotation

        java.lang.Object getAnnotation​(java.lang.String annotName,
                                       boolean checkModified)
      • getRepeatingAnnotation

        java.util.List<java.lang.Object> getRepeatingAnnotation​(java.lang.String annotName)
      • getAnnotations

        java.util.Map<java.lang.String,​java.lang.Object> getAnnotations()
      • hasModifier

        boolean hasModifier​(java.lang.String modifierName)
      • getAccessLevel

        AccessLevel getAccessLevel​(boolean explicitOnly)
      • getEnclosingIType

        java.lang.Object getEnclosingIType()
      • modifiersToString

        java.lang.String modifiersToString​(boolean includeAnnotations,
                                           boolean includeAccess,
                                           boolean includeFinal,
                                           boolean includeScopes,
                                           boolean absoluteTypeNames,
                                           JavaSemanticNode.MemberType filterType)
        Returns the a specific set of of modifiers in string form - including annotations, access, final, or scopes with flags. Used for generating the modifiers string for one definition generated from another (e.g. a setX method from a field) If absoluteTypeNames is true, the absolute path of annotations is used. If filterType is not null, only annotations appropriate for the given member type are included. If you are generating code from a field for a setX method, you'd set a filter type of MemberType.Method.