Package sc.lang

Interface ISrcStatement

    • Method Detail

      • getSrcStatement

        ISrcStatement getSrcStatement​(Language lang)
        When called on a generated node, finds the original source node for the specified language which must be one of the intermediate languages this node was generated from. Lang can be null in which case we trace generated nodes to find the original source language.
      • findFromStatement

        ISrcStatement findFromStatement​(ISrcStatement st)
        Search this statement for the srcStatement that produced it. Return the last generated statement that matches
      • addBreakpointNodes

        void addBreakpointNodes​(java.util.List<ISrcStatement> result,
                                ISrcStatement st)
        Adds all of the generated statements to the resulting list, for the case where more than one fromStatement points to the same src statement. These are used to determine which statements in the generated code should cause a 'break' when the developer sets a breakpoint on this statement.
      • getFromStatement

        ISrcStatement getFromStatement()
        Returns the value of the 'fromStatement' field stored on this node to represent a link from a generated node from an original source one.
      • getNodeContainsPart

        boolean getNodeContainsPart​(ISrcStatement partNode)
      • getNumStatementLines

        int getNumStatementLines()
        For breakpoint and navigation purposes, how many lines does this statement take up - usually it's 1