Package sc.bind

Interface IBinding

    • Method Detail

      • getPropertyValue

        java.lang.Object getPropertyValue​(java.lang.Object parent,
                                          boolean getField,
                                          boolean pendingChild)
        Retrieves the current value of the binding given the current object. Use getField = true to force use of the field, rather than the getX method if one exists. Use pendingChild = true for a special case where we are getting the property value of a binding that is part of a reverse binding but where the cached value is up-to-update because we are updating a child remote property.
      • addBindingListener

        void addBindingListener​(java.lang.Object eventObject,
                                IListener listener,
                                int event)
      • removeBindingListener

        void removeBindingListener​(java.lang.Object eventObject,
                                   IListener listener,
                                   int event)
      • invalidateBinding

        void invalidateBinding​(java.lang.Object object,
                               boolean sendEvent,
                               int event,
                               boolean invalidateParams)
      • applyBinding

        boolean applyBinding​(java.lang.Object obj,
                             java.lang.Object value,
                             IBinding src,
                             boolean refresh,
                             boolean pendingChild)
      • performCast

        java.lang.Object performCast​(java.lang.Object value)
      • applyReverseBinding

        void applyReverseBinding​(java.lang.Object obj,
                                 java.lang.Object value,
                                 java.lang.Object src)
      • removeListener

        void removeListener()
      • initializeBinding

        java.lang.Object initializeBinding()
      • isConstant

        boolean isConstant()
      • isReversible

        boolean isReversible()
      • parentBindingChanged

        void parentBindingChanged()
        Called from the VariableBinding when the parent's value has changed. E.g. for "a.b", b.parentBindingChanged() is called when we detect changes on 'a'.
      • activate

        void activate​(boolean state,
                      java.lang.Object obj,
                      boolean chained)
        Called to deactive/re-activate a child binding for a condition or ternary expression