Package sc.bind

Class ArithmeticBinding

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    IBinding, IListener

    public class ArithmeticBinding
    extends AbstractMethodBinding
    Implements the basic arithemtic operations via a data binding. You have one operator for usually two parameters. bindings are propagated up and down the chain for forward and reverse bindings. For the most part this is a lot like a method binding so the AbstractMethodBinding provides most of the functionality. ArithmeticBindings are invertible if there's only one non-constant parameter.
    • Field Detail

      • operator

        public java.lang.String operator
    • Constructor Detail

      • ArithmeticBinding

        public ArithmeticBinding​(java.lang.String op,
                                 IBinding[] parameterBindings)
    • Method Detail

      • invokeMethod

        protected java.lang.Object invokeMethod​(java.lang.Object obj,
                                                boolean pendingChild)
        Specified by:
        invokeMethod in class AbstractMethodBinding
      • invokeReverseMethod

        protected java.lang.Object invokeReverseMethod​(java.lang.Object obj,
                                                       java.lang.Object value)
        Called when reverse bindings fire
        Specified by:
        invokeReverseMethod in class AbstractMethodBinding
      • toString

        public java.lang.String toString​(java.lang.String operation,
                                         boolean displayValue)
        toString in class DestinationListener
      • toBindingStringNested

        public java.lang.StringBuilder toBindingStringNested​(boolean displayValue)